One day as I was driving into work, I started getting those oh-so sacred butterflies in my stomach. It was a mix of general anxiety and excitement. I really couldn't help but to think about where I'd be in my life without ADA. This year knocked me on my ass. I think most people could agree: 2022 was just not it! Through everything going on I had to put my LLC on the back burner. I couldn't even bring myself to get into my groove of making candles. My shipping and processing times slowed down. I stopped posting as much. I felt like I lost the joy in doing something that I loved. But you know at the end of every tunnel there is light. Moving into my first apartment gave me the slightest glimpse of that light. I saw an opportunity to make my candle studio out of my safe space. A space where I can wake up at 3 am and freely get into my zone. 


It's like this word was being branded into my mind. Throughout this whole car ride I just couldn't shake it. I guess that was a sign. A sign that not only am I coming into a new chapter in my life, but Aromas De Amor was too! A whole new look, a new attitude and a new aesthetic. Everything just feels fresh and new. Safe to say I feel the same exact way. I feel like things are happening in divine timing. For that I'm utterly grateful. So with this being my first blog post I feel the need to say THANK YOU for reading this in its entirety. Whether you just happened to stumble upon it or were genuinely curious, I appreciate it. I may consider making this a weekly thing. I promise it won't be this emotional or sappy everytime! We can chat about scents, candle care tips, even new products. 

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning."-Benjamin Franklin



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  • Make it a weekly thing, reach as many people as you can.


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